Building Awareness of the Hydrogen Option


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Hydrogen: The Safe and Clean Fuel (run time 27:10)
An introduction to the new technologies that will enable us to meet our energy needs with a fuel that can be made from water. Filmed on location in the U.S., Canada, and Japan, we see how hydrogen can be used to fuel cars and fuel cells that generate electricity for buildings. 48-page companion booklet included. Hosted by actress Alexandra Paul.


Hydrogen Fuel Safety (9:40)
Short overview of hydrogen safety issues and the ongoing development of codes and standards for its safe use.


Hydrogen: The Matter of Safety (21:20)
An introduction to the properties of hydrogen and safety issues for system developers, permitting authorities, insurers and anyone who wants to know more about this clean, efficient fuel and its safe use.


Renewable Power: Earth's Clean Energy Destiny (29:00)
An exciting vision of a world transformed by clean energy. See how solar, wind, and other renewably generated energy can be stored for later use by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen to fuel transportation or electrical generation. Regional Emmy, CINE Golden Eagle, National Educational Media Network Gold Apple. Narrated by Peter Coyote. Reference guide available. Also available in Spanish language version


Element One (56:00) see clip
A world tour of the people and projects that are creating the next generation of energy technology, hydrogen and fuel cells. The environmental, political, economic, and historical consequences of our present dependence on fossil fuels is reviewed. Hydrogen projects in Germany, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. are seen.


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