Building Awareness of the Hydrogen Option


About Hydrogen 2000

In 1979, a documentary entitled "Fire in the Water" was aired on national television. It presented a vision of the opportunity of hydrogen energy. In that documentary, Derek Gregory, then a vice president at the Institute of Gas Technology and one of the earliest hydrogen pioneers, said,

"...hydrogen is an option that we have to keep open, an option that we have to work on, and I think that our next generation could very likely be using hydrogen in a safe and economic way."

It has been more than twenty years since that early optimism for hydrogen. We've seen major technical developments in renewable energy and fuel cells. Clean, safe, efficient hydrogen vehicles and fuel cells are being demonstrated around the world -- but the hydrogen option is still considered by many to be far in the future.

In 1980 at a conference in Riverside, California, then Congressman Charles Grassley of Iowa said the reason that the federal government was not supporting the development of this option was that hydrogen did not have a political constituency.

In 1995, William Hoagland and Geoffrey Holland enlisted a number of prominent scientific professionals and members of the media industry and created Hydrogen 2000, Inc. Its mission is to build constituencies for a transition to a sustainable energy economy that will eliminate the major sources of air and water pollution, greenhouse gases, and environmental degradation. This unique partnership of scientific and media experts is proving an effective way to educate the public and build support for these issues.

Hydrogen 2000, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Our ten-member board of directors and more than twenty technical and media advisors share the belief that hydrogen should be considered as a fuel of choice for the 21st century, because it's clean, sustainable, and may be produced from a variety of energy resources— it will simply be better than what we now have.